Low-cost Medical Consultations: 3 Options to Enjoy Health Services at Low Prices

Health insurance can be a guarantee of access to full health care and an alternative to the long waiting lines of public hospitals. However, the monthly fees or annuities are not within the reach of the portfolio of all Portuguese. Find out then some alternatives that will help you to take advantage of low-cost medical […]

What is Commercial Health Insurance?

Also known as private health insurance, commercial health insurance is any kind of health insurance that it is not offered and managed by a public authority. Commercial health insurance companies are for-profit companies, and offer their insurance services through group insurance plans as well as individual or personal plans. In all situations, a commercial insurance […]

What is Supplemental Health Insurance?

Supplementary health insurance is a type of insurance designed to cover the gaps that your regular health insurance might be due to the deductibles and co-payments. Supplementary health insurance covers additional expenses that your primary insurance does not cover, such as lost income and living expenses. Those who should consider supplementary health insurance are the […]